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"Our northern neighbor has given us some of the best songwriters living today. You can add Lennie Gallant to the list."
Performing Songwriter, Nashville

"Lennie Gallant is one of my favorite Canadian Songwriters." ... "I have always wanted to bring his music to the forefront."
Jimmy Buffett

"When We Get There is a superior piece of work in which one good song follows another from beginning to end."
The Guardian

"The kind of craftsmanship and imagination that applies to only a handful of Canada's top singer/songwriters such as Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot and Sarah MacLachlan."
Ron Foley Macdonald

"This is Lennie Gallant's strongest and most consistent recording to date." (When We Get There)
Dirty Linen Magazine

"Compelling melodies and acoustic arrangements that focus the listener's attention on some of the finest narrative lyrics this prolific songsmith has written...a poet whose pleasant tenor belies the rocker we've heard in many earlier recordings. "This set of radio friendly, folk influenced pop songs brings Chris Isaak to mind."
Toronto Star

"This is a song that, in the hands of one of today's 'superstars', would become a monster hit record and go way beyond being a Christmas song." (The Innkeeper)
Country Music news

"An opportunity to see Gallant play live should not be missed."
Times Globe

"A powerhouse of a show."
The Halifax Herald

"The wait for a new English studio album by Lennie Gallant ends sweetly...Gallant's songwriting may be stronger than ever!"
The Coast

"He delivers the goods. No surprise here - the man is very good at what he does."
Penguin Eggs Magazine

"This CD by all accounts, has to be Lennie's best album to date , and Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album 5+ Stars out of 5 and predicts this album will give Lennie many nominations and ECMA Awards."
Atlantic Seabreeze

"A rare talent"..."outstanding new songs"..."Gallant is worthy of all the attention and awards he's received in his homeland."
Dirty Linen Magazine

"We’ve been used to welcoming visitors from Canada’s east coast in recent years. The biggest impression of all, though, could be the one Lennie Gallant makes when word about him reaches beyond the dedicated seekers of transatlantic talent who investigated this Scottish debut."
The Herald- Glasgow, Scotland

"A class act all around."
Impact Magazine

"Well worth the wait!"
Daily News - HFX

"There's no one around to tone down the rollicking energy he delivers on stage."
Ottawa Citizen

"Gallant nails it , then he nails the audience."
Performing Songwriter, Nashville

"Gallant's music is destined to reach a wider audience."
MacLean's Magazine

"Gallant had the whistling crowd demanding more."
The Whitehorse Star

"Music rooted in compassion and hope."
The Hill Times