Searching For Abegweit
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Searching For Abegweit: The Island Songs & Stories of Lennie Gallant

Woven around the music of the award-winning Island songwriter, this P.E.I. love-letter stars Gallant himself, and presents his folk, roots and pop music, alongside comedic stories, Island legends, and poignant tales in a multimedia format that utilizes film, and visual works from well-known painter Karen Gallant. This dynamic, energetic show is storytelling at its best and includes Acadian and Celtic numbers that will have you dancing in your seat in celebration of Canada’s cradle on the waves. The colourful spectacle will offer Lennie Gallant favourites such as ‘Peter’s Dream’ ‘Tales of the Phantom Ship’ and ‘Island Clay’ along with new Island-themed songs.

The show stars Lennie Gallant with an amazing supporting band comprised of
Sean Kemp (violin), Jeremy Gallant (keyboard and percussion), Jonathan Gallant (backing vocals, drums, percussion and mandolin) and Patricia Richard (bodhran, mandolin, banjo, and vocals). Directed by Jac Gautreau.

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Quotes from those that attended the show:

"Absolutely FANTASTIC show!" - Linda A

"Loved the show. You have an unique way of uniting people and our Canada." - Lynn Roberts

"This is such a magnificent show. I heartily recommend it to everyone." - Lynn Ellsworth

 "Excellent show, loved the music and Karens' paintings were awesome!" - Janet Doiron

 "Everybody's having a great time, especially the audience." - Eric Macewen

"So much energy. I don't know how you do it. Loved it!" - Julie Auld Hipson

"Fantastic show! Foot stopping, hand clapping.  By far the best show I've seen in a very long time." - Cheryl Reid

"The show was world class and your performance was like always, fantastic. Thank you." - Miles Gallagher

"It was more than just a concert, more than just a show. It was AMAZING. Enjoyed it tremendously." - Caro MacKillop

"The show is fantastic!! had to see it twice " - Vandra Macdonald

"The must-see show of the summer!" - Nils Ling

“Whether you are an Islander by choice, by birth, or by visit, Lennie Gallant’s Searching for Abegweit will make your heart sing…It is a show that celebrates PEI, captures what it means to be Canadian and carries a truly universal message. The songs, the stories and the musicianship will entertain but will also remain with you, long after the last note is played. Don't miss it!” Suna Houghton

“This is the most compelling production of all things Prince Edward Island, that I have ever experienced, a work of art and a work of heart.” Margie Carmichael

“Visiting from Port Dover, ON…was part of the [Searching for Abegweit] audience last night…spectacular! The highlight of our vacation!!!” Gayle Bridger


Review by Jan Cox (The BUZZ)

Feature Article by SALTSCAPES

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Searching for Abegweit -
Songs from the hit musical by Lennie Gallant
Double album of 22 songs

Back to Rustico
Island Clay
 A Day With You in Paradise
 Which Way Does The River Run
Has Anybody Seen My Skates
 The Open Window
Tell Me a Ghost Story
Country Store
The Nellie J Banks
The Night They Moved The House
La tempÍte
Lord Selkirk’s Land
Mademoiselle (voulez-vous danser)
 Tales of The Phantom Ship
Searching For Abegweit
Laisse Aller
 Northern Lights
Peter’s Dream
The Band’s Still Playing

This new CD contains all 22 of the musical numbers from the hit production. This recording was made during last summer’s run of Searching For Abegweit, and features Gallant on guitar, harmonica, and bodhran, nephews Jeremy Gallant on keyboards and percussion and Jonathan Gallant on backing vocals, drums, percussion, and mandolin. Rounding out the band is Lennie’s longtime violinist Sean Kemp, and Patricia Richard on bodhran, mandolin, banjo, vocals, and beautifully interpreting Lennie’s francophone songs. Mi’kmaq chanter Hubert Francis, and The Lone Cry Drummers also make guest appearances.  The album was produced by Lennie Gallant, recorded by Phillip MacLellan, and mixed by Graeme Campbell. Album graphic design is by Ashley Paynter.


Download at iTunes

Also available at Back Alley Music and PEI Brewing Company in Charlottetown PEI and at Taz Records in Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford, Nova Scotia