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Christmas Day on Planet Earth – The Album

It’s finally here! For years Lennie Gallant has been wanting to release a Christmas album, and yet each holiday season would arrive with the realization he had been so busy during that year that he just hadn’t found the time to get it done. There are very few silver linings to COVID, but one was creating that precious time for artists who suddenly aren’t touring as much as usual. This spring and summer found Gallant writing a plethora of new songs and many had some jingle bells attached. Now he is very happy to be offering an album of 11 original Christmas songs. Says Gallant; “I am very excited about this project! I think it ranks with my very best work and the reaction from the folks who have heard pre-release cuts has been over the top! It was a lot of fun to make and I can’t wait for people to hear it!”

The album is called Christmas Day On Planet Earth, for good reason. The album is truly a collection of original songs for the times as it is celebratory and fun, but also pays homage to the troubles and trials of our fragile blue planet in several hopeful songs. Gallant also takes you on a journey to various Christmas locations around the world, from Southern Africa with the title song, to Paris for a street waltz, the Middle East, Motown, an East Coast Kitchen gathering and a hospital ward on Christmas eve. The last song,The Gift, is a very poignant song for what the world is going through with covid, and will surely receive an emotional reaction to its touching storyline. Not to leave anyone out, Gallant even has a song for those out there who may want to give the holiday season a pass, with the hilarious and bittersweet, I’m Gonna Have A Merry Christmas Even If It Kills Me!

The project features vocalist Patricia Richard and a host of fabulous players, and was helmed by Juno Award winning producer, Les Cooper, who Gallant says brought a laser focus and great energy to the project. Christmas Day On Planet Earth is a unique collection of original songs with a global perspective about our much celebrated holiday, while keeping in mind that it’s a day for love, kindness and loads of fun!

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Time Travel

Long awaited album by the much revered Canadian songwriter, Time Travel, takes us on a trip that delves in journeys of the heart, our time on the planet, contact in the universe, ancient myths, legends and an oddly confused ghost. It is an exciting, explorative (musically and thematically) and deeply evocative album that will be sure to move the listener on many levels. Gallant’s rich vocals are brought to the fore on this recording and the often lush and full arrangements provide the ideal setting for them to shine.

The new album was produced by Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant/ David Myles) and features special guests Rose Cousins, Mary Jane Lamond, Jenn Grant, The Fretless, & the Atlantic String Machine.

This is Gallant’s first studio album in 9 years and early response from industry insiders all agree,  it is his “finest recording to date”. Not that he hasn’t been active though, as his last two live albums both won national awards and several East Coast Music Awards including Album and 2017 Entertainer of the Year.

Album is available in select stores and on iTunes.

Searching for Abegweit

Lennie Gallant and band performed over 140 full house performances of his runaway theatrical hit Searching For Abegweit: The Island Songs & Stories of Lennie Gallant.  The show is a musical love letter to Prince Edward Island that stars the artist himself and presents his compositions about the Island alongside comedic stories, poignant tales, and Island legends.

This new CD contains all 22 of the musical numbers from the hit production. This recording was made during last summer’s run of Searching For Abegweit, and features Gallant on guitar, harmonica, and bodhran, nephews Jeremy Gallant on keyboards and percussion and Jonathan Gallant on backing vocals, drums, percussion, and mandolin. Rounding out the band is Lennie’s longtime sideman violinist Sean Kemp, and Patricia Richard on bodhran, mandolin, banjo, vocals, and beautifully interpreting Lennie’s francophone songs.  Mi’kmaq chanter Hubert Francis, and The Lone Cry Drummers also make guest appearances.  The album was produced by Lennie Gallant, recorded by Phillip MacLellan, and mixed by Graeme Campbell. Album graphic design is by Ashley Paynter.

Christmas Day On Planet Earth – The Single

Christmas Day on Planet Earth uses the Christmas nativity story of the tired couple in need, looking for safe lodging for their baby to be born, set against the present day situation of desperate families and homeless people in need of shelter. “There are so many kids, moms, and dads out there who will not have something decent to eat, or a place to sleep, let alone a gift under a tree. I thought the original Christmas story might open some hearts if they look at it in the context of what is happening in many parts of the world today” says Gallant.

The video’s birth started last July when an agent for the Zimbabwe band, Black Umfolosi mentioned to Canadian songwriter, Lennie Gallant that the group was passing through his province, PEI, and were looking for a place to stay for a couple days. Lennie said he would help out and found them cottages near him. The agent suggested that perhaps while there they could record a song with him and so Lennie wrote “Christmas Day on Planet Earth” with the singers in mind. They recorded the song and filmed a video for it all in one day in a friend’s studio barn on PEI with filmmaker John Hopkins. Read More

Live Acoustic at the Carleton

The album contains 16 live tracks, a combination of brand new songs and familiar favourites. New songs include “Has Anybody Seen My Skates“, which premiered on Hockey Day in Canada, “God’s Reply“, “Amelia“, written for Amelia Earhart (co-written with Liam Titcomb) and “Abegweit“, which was written for his show Searching for Abegweit: The Island Songs & Stories of Lennie Gallant, that he starred in – a runaway hit that was extended to an incredible 57 sold out shows this past summer in Charlottetown! The album also includes fan favourites such as “Peter’s Dream“, “Mademoiselle“, “Laisse aller“, and rockin versions of “47 Angels on Her Front Lawn, “Tales of The Phantom Ship” and “Tell Me A Ghost Story“. The album is Lennie’s tenth full length recording and was captured over two nights in the intimate atmosphere of the award-winning songwriter music club – The Carleton in Halifax.


Peter’s Dream

Songs by Lennie Gallant
Paintings by Karen Gallant

Lennie Gallant and visual artist Karen Gallant are brother and sister who grew up in Rustico, Prince Edward Island. They were influenced by their surroundings in similar and profound ways, yet chose to channel their creativity through different media. Lennie and Karen have long dreamed of working together on a project and this wonderful book is the result. Peter’s Dream is an opportunity for you to experience their respective visions through exciting pairings of lyric and image that will pull you into new worlds rich in drama, pathos, and celebration– as well as a healthy dose of East Coast lore. Rendered by two powerful and perceptive storytellers, these works were created over a lifetime of independent craftsmanship, but while preparing this book, both artists discovered that they have been unknowingly collaborating all along! Prepare to be moved and inspired by these talented siblings, now realizing their shared dream. To learn more about Karen Gallant and her works, please visit

Available in bookstores.

A Day With You in Paradise

Lennie Gallant
Illustrated by Patsy MacKinnon

This beautiful picture book depicts a family’s fun-filled day at a Prince Edward Island beach. Racing past dunes, building sand castles, and singing songs by a bonfire at night, the family revels in the peaceful beauty of an Island beach. Lennie Gallant’s lyrical description of a PEI summer day is matched perfectly with Patsy MacKinnon’s sun-soaked illustrations. A Day with You in Paradise is based on Lennie’s song of the same name from the Juno-nominated album When We Get There.

Available in local bookstores. Nimbus Publishing.

Le Coeur Hanté

If We Had A Fire

When We Get There

Le Vent Bohème

Lennie Gallant Live


The Open Window

Believing in Better


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